The website maintains a list of over 50 tools that support BPMN modeling.
We restrict ourselves to three ways to jumpstart BPMN modeling:
  • Oryx - Open Source Modeling Tool on the web
    The Oryx editor runs entirely in your web-browser. No installation needed. You can model, share and publish your BPMN models. Oryx implements the complete BPMN 1.2 standard and comes with validation and simulation capabilities.
  • BizAgi Process Modeler
    The modeling tools can be downloaded for free (windows only). BizAgi offers an intuitive interface and modeling assistance. The tool is a teaser for a whole BPM suite.
  • Stencils for MS Visio and Omnigraffle
    If you own MS Visio or Omnigraffle already you can use BPMN stencils to draw your models. These tools offer the ultimate modeling freedom. On the other hand your models will remain drawings.