Vishal Saxena, Oracle Corp.
The unique selling point of the book is the way the concepts are interweaved in examples that we all see on an everyday basis. Highly recommended if you are a part of any BPM initiative. Tom's notes at the end of each chapter are a valuable takeaway for the reader. You would be ready to be an in-house BPMN expert by the time you are able to take your eyes off the book!

Vishal Saxena, Senior Dev. Manager, Oracle Corp.
Derek Miers, BPM Focus
When we hear the term ''process modeling,'' we think of the person who does the modeling, the business analyst, not the business people whose work is being modeled. To be effective, business people should also have a working knowledge of the modeling process. This easy-to-read book isn't just for business analysts, it's also for every business person that will be involved in the process of process modeling.

Derek Miers, Principal, BPM Focus, and coauthor of BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide.
Peter Fingar, Greystone Group
In 2002, CSC's Howard Smith and I wrote 'Business Process Management: The Third Wave', the book that launched widespread understanding of BPM and its importance. But understanding alone is not enough. You need tools. But even more, you need the right way of thinking to use the tools. You need to learn the process of business process modeling using the tool, BPMN, and that's why you need this book.

Peter Fingar, Executive Partner, Greystone Group, and author of Extreme Competition.
Dan Woods, Evolved Media
The Process, unlike most explanations of BPMN, captures both the practical value and the excitement that results from putting this powerful technique to work. Skip the dull training. Give people the right tools and pass around copies of this book. Process diagrams will start growing like ivy.

Dan Woods, CTO and Editor of Evolved Media.
Frank Michael
Tom's journey exploring process modeling will make BPMN even more popular. He also learns fundamentals of system analysis, business process management, relation of process modeling with IT and process model verification - often unconsciously. And Anne, his mentor, demonstrates the high value of coaching and governance in it.

Frank Michael Kraft, Development Architect SAP AG, Research & Breakthrough Innovation, BPM Cluster
Bruce Silver, Bruce Silver Associates
The authors teach the key points of BPMN modeling using an unfolding business scenario, presented in an engaging dialogue between the modeler, process participants, and the CEO. By putting BPMN in a business context, the book will be of great value to those new to process modeling, especially business people who will be asked to contribute input, even though they are not actually doing the modeling.

Bruce Silver, Principal, Bruce Silver Associates